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I teach English as a second language to anyone wanting to learn English or to improve their English for either leisure or professional reasons. Often the student will have a particular examination goal in mind such as Cambridge First or University Exams or the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas. Whatever the goals the classes will be adapted to the requirements of the individual or the company.


See my video on Youtube:  https://youtu.be/QaDWzuLkWoA

Modality of the classes

As I live in Cambridge, England for most of the year the classes will use Skype as the means of communication. Other methods of communication via the Internet are also possible such as Google + Hangout. The advantages of Skype are:

  • Skype is easy and free to download with the added possibility of multiple users. It is also possible to share screens for example to give a presentation.
  • It is possible during the class to use instant messaging to confirm spelling or grammar points or to record errors.
  • Skype is very flexible. You can have the class at home or in the office, in fact anywhere. All you need is a device that is connected to the internet and Skype software. You can even download the Skype app to your mobile phone.
  • In cities the major cost of giving classes is time spent travelling to give classes face to face. This can be completely avoided. No more delays in crossing the city during rush hour. This reduces the cost and avoids cancellations.

You will need an ISP with a speed of at least 10Mbps. This can be checked easily on a website such as

www.speedtest.net. I use a laptop with 8Mhz of RAM and a broadband speed of 33Mbps

It is also possible to give classes via a landline or teléfono fijo in Spain.

Classes and Prices

The standard price of a 50 minute class is £21. A package of 5 or 10 classes is also available. Other rates are available for other countries. Please enquire.

Before each class I interview the student about their level, their goals, and which skills and topics they want to concentrate on. Typically a student may say that they are around B1 level (Intermediate) and want to improve their English for business purposes. They may want to concentrate on improving their listening and speaking. In this case I aim to match the content and style of the class to these requirements.

There are broadly five types of class:

  • Listening Class
  • Reading Class
  • Grammar and Vocabulary Class
  • Writing Class
  • Conversation Class

· The classes are suited to the student’s level. Details of the class are sent to each student the previous weekend so they can prepare the class.

The materials used range from standard English textbooks (English File and the National Geographic Life series), to online resources such as the BBC and the British Council. However for B! students and above I prefer to use ‘real’ articles, podcasts and videos from a variety of English speaking countries. This exposes students to ‘real life’ English in a full variety of accents and situations.


The times for the classes are generally from 7am to 9pm Monday to Thursday and 7am to 6pm on Friday. (GMT + 1 or Spanish time). Please enquire if your preferred time is available. All classes start on the hour.


Ajas languages is pleased to provide certificates of attendance for classes taken and an online evaluation of a student’s ability in listening and grammar.


Below are a few of the recommendations I have received from my students. A full list can be viewed in my profile on tusclasesparticulares.



Las clases de ingles por skype han sido un maravilloso descubrimiento para mi. Andrew es un profesor encantador y sobre todo veo que gracias a el ha mejorado mi fluidez al hablar. Se prepara las clases y esta pendiente de los errores q se cometen para luego al final de la clase revisarlo. Es un método de clase que recomiendo cien por cien.


Llevo varios meses con él y tanto mi "listening" como mi "speaking" han mejorado bastante (objetivo principal de mis clases). Las clases son bastante amenas, y al final de cada una de ellas te da un pequeño "feedback" que ayuda bastante a mejorar.

Lo más destacado: Es una persona que se implica y prepara bastante las clases


I've been very happy with him. Andrew is a very good teacher: timely, dynamic, a very good professional. He gives you good teaching material with many different subjects to work. I learned a lot with him. He's the best English teacher I ever had.


¡Muy buena experiencia! Las clases son variadas y bien organizadas, me ayudan mucho a mejorar la conversación, la pronunciación, la escucha y el vocabulario. La interactuación del profesor es muy activa, lo que ayuda mucho a correcciones on-line o al final de la clase. Es lo que estaba buscando, ¡¡ totalmente recomendable !!

Pedro Martín

Llevo 6 meses aproximadamente y mi nivel de inglés tanto hablado como en compresión ha mejorado bastante. Me siento más seguro al expresarme ahora. En lo personal, Andrew es muy agradable y se curra bastante las clases así como los materiales que aporta.

Lo más destacado: Te ayuda a mejorar rapídamente y es muy agradable y se curra bastante las clases.


Las clases con Andrew son un gran avance si lo que quieres es mejorar en tu inglés hablado y ganar oído. Además puedes pedirle que te mande ejercicios y se corrigen y comentan en clase. Así puedes mejorar también tu gramática, reading y writing. Muy completo y ameno.

We are located at:

Ajas Language Services


4 Narrow Lane


Cambridge CB24 9HD

United Kingdom

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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:

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